Up and Away!

Marketing is one of the most important parts businesses need to focus on – after all, that’s how people know about their brand and what they do. Innovative marketing strategies are solutions to break through the noise in modern times, and balloons are a sure way to get attention!

As an established company in the Gas trade, the Fill n’ Away range from Adams gas is a reliable and safe choice you can provide your customers with.



A balloon is a unique way of advertising your customers’ business. Balloons don’t get much love and they’re more likely to catch attention for their novelty, but they’re a sure way of bringing out the child in everyone. People are more likely to remember a company’s marketing action when balloons are involved.



Other advertisement forms like TV ads and billboards are fixed, which limits the audience they can reach. Balloons, on the other hand, can be in more than just one vantage point. With our units supplied ready to sell and use, your customers have their lives simplified!



A positive feature about balloons is that they can be used for any business. From florists to hotels and restaurants, balloons will never be out of place. Their shiny, wonderful colours catch anyone’s eye and brings a smile to any child’s face.


A Customisable Solution

Our refillable bottles are an alternative to disposable cylinders. Our rent free, refillable helium tanks come in 2L, filling 50 9” latex balloons; in 9.4L, filling 150 10” balloons; and in 20L that fill 400 10” balloons.

It’s important for us to supply an option for wholesale and retail customers that allows you to be able to offer an alternative to disposable bottles. You’re able to offer refillable solutions for customers that don’t require large 9 or 20 litre sizes. We also supply regulators for refillable cylinders.

With our attention-grabbing balloons and helium gas canisters, you are guaranteed a balloon kit complete with 30 or 50 9” balloons, helium gas cylinder, and ribbons. These kits are a sure way of promoting your business in a fun way; with the option of branding your business on the boxes, your events will have a fun twist.

We pride ourselves in providing safe options for your business, which is why our equipment and our products are tested to ensure its utmost safety. With over 20 years of experience in supplying wholesale and retail customers, we are able to provide any helium gas cylinder to fit your requirements.

You can contact us on 0800 195 4445 to speak to our friendly team; we’re always happy to answer any query you might have!